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We are happy to be celebrating Forty One Years of helping Los Angeles meet and exceed their transportation needs.




















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Luxury Limousine Transportation Is Our Business

Thanks to Southern California’s comfortable, consistent climate, wedding season runs throughout the year. Whether scheduled for the usual window of spring or the depths of what passes for winter, there’s a good chance that a given wedding in the area will enjoy excellent weather. Your new spouse, and closest family or friends will love it.

Lincoln Limousine 10 passenger

Lincoln Limousine 10 passenger

An Elegant, Beautiful Wedding Coach Helps to Set the Scene

While princesses in fairy tales traditionally arrive at their own nuptials in horse-drawn carriages, today’s brides prefer more practical transportation. Just as the white of a bride’s gown helps to set an appropriate tone for the ceremony, so do white stretch limousines contribute to an overall feeling of celebration and wonder. In fact, wedding limousine services in los angeles today still provide more white stretch limos than any other single kind of transportation. This classic option is the safest of all, serving just as well to carry the bride elegantly to the altar as to ferry the celebrating newlyweds away thereafter. The consistent popularity of this choice means that wedding limousine services in the area put a lot of effort into appointing their coaches well. Couples can expect standard features like built-in bars and hors d’oevres stations, along with extra frills like seats with built-in massage features. Given what is to be found, few regret going this most traditional route.

More Brides and Grooms Choose Flashier, More Distinctive Options

Even so, the fact is that many more couples today opt for different styles of transportation entirely. Over the course of the last decade, wedding limo services in Southern California have increasingly been supplementing their fleets with luxurious Hummers, Mercedes SUVs, and other large vehicles. While these are far less traditional than the classic white stretch limo, these options clearly appeal to an important segment of the market.   black-tie-limo Some los angeles luxury car rental agencies have gone even further, retrofitting some of the world’s most admired sports cars for this purpose. While the average Ferrari might not be up to comfortably seating a pair of newlyweds behind a chauffeur, some of the company’s more generous Grant Touring models, like the highly regarded 612 Scarlatti, are capable of moving them in style and comfort. Even if the traditional options are still the most popular, then, with regard to weddings limousine rental in the area is a wide open field of possibilities. Check out our Google+page.

Large Selection Of Limousines

Of course, not every event or transportation need requires so much in the way of capacity. Although they are much more common, smaller limousines still require every bit as much attention to detail. The image of a conventional limousine packed full of six or so revelers is practically synonymous with good times and unforgettable evenings. For many years, though, limousine companies were forced to turn down requests to provide similarly celebratory transportation of a much larger kind. Here we can provide transportation for up to 150 people. Now you can select and choose yours today.

Board the Bus to Good Times

This can easily be seen in the booming popularity of the limo party bus. An evolution of some bright ideas that first cropped up in the industry a couple of decades ago, the kind of party bus los angeles residents have access to today inevitably makes for unforgettable evenings. Just like the stately, sedan-based limousines that are so well-known, party buses are improved versions of existing vehicles. Anything from a van meant to carry 15 passengers to a full-length bus can be converted to full-time party-hosting duty, a process that is often impressively involved.

The Time Of Your Life In A Party Bus

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Large Selection Of Classy Chrysler's

inside hummer limo los angeles picture

hummer limo los angeles

10 Passenger Dodge Challenger

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Below are a few of the times someone might
want to rent a limo from a Limo Service Los Angeles

Limo Service Los Angeles

Lincoln LimousinesHire a Limo Service for Just About Any Event
Many people think limo services are for weddings or proms. The truth is, limos can be a fantastic way to get to any event. With the right limo service, nearly any number of people can be taken from their hotel or airport to the event of their choosing. They’ll impress their friends and be able to relax while someone else does the driving.

Important Business Meeting

14 Passenger Sprinter Van InteriorA los angeles limo service is perfect for someone who is getting into town for an important meeting. Whether the person is the boss and needs to look great coming and going or there are many employees that are arriving together, arriving via a limousine is going to be a great way to make an impression. It’s also great for those who don’t know their way around town since they won’t have to worry about driving themselves.

Family Vacation

Pink ExcursionLittle kids love watching limos drive by. A limo service Los Angeles can pick them up from the airport on their vacation and take them to their hotel. Imagine the look on the kids faces when they get to ride in a huge limo for the very first time. They’re going to start off the vacation with a fun activity and it’s going to be something they’ll remember and talk about for many years.

Birthday Party

Black HummerPeople of all ages are going to love renting a limousine for their birthday. They’ll be able to enjoy a night on the town and not have to worry about getting to where they want to go or needing to park and find their car later. For those who can legally drink, having a limo means they’re going to have a designated driver all night so they don’t have to worry about having a few drinks.

Romantic Dinner Alone

Chrysler limo insideSometimes, it’s more important to spend time together instead of focusing on driving to the restaurant and then home again. If a person wants to treat their significant other to a special night on the town, renting a limousine lets them spend the whole night together and gives them the chance to really relax and have a great night. The limo rates Los Angeles, for a smaller limo, are low enough that they can still have a dinner at a restaurant and enjoy a night on the town afterward.

Going on A Tour

wine tours in a white limoWine tours are growing in popularity, but it’s difficult to find one that’s going to meet everyone’s needs. If the group wants a private tour of local vineyards, they can rent a limo to take them to each of the vineyards they want to see. They won’t have to worry about carpooling or making sure everyone knows how to get there since the limos can fit up to 24 people. The driver will know how to get to each location so the entire group can relax as they travel.

Any Other Special Event

night out on the townNo matter what kind of event a person has planned, if there is any amount of driving that needs to be done they can rent a limo. They won’t have to worry about driving to or from the event and they’ll be able to simply enjoy their night. With American Limousine limo service Los Angeles rates are set based on the type of event, number of people, and the length of time the person or group will need the limo. This means a custom price can be set no matter what type of event a person is going to be attending. For your next event, consider renting limousine service so you can arrive and leave in style.